Newton Steel Framing.
Reshaping the building industry.



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Masonry construction, (brick, blocks or stone) has been used to build homes for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Other methods including timber frames have now become widely used. Unfortunately, neither is ideal.


Masonry needs skilled labour, and experienced bricklayers are now few and far between. Masonry is also slow to construct and is not the best at meeting current insulation requirements. Timber frames compress during and after construction, leading to cracks in internal finishes. More importantly, it takes 25 to 50 trees to build one house.


In countries such as Australia and New Zealand, another material in frame construction has been used very successfully, for many years. Steel.


Here in the UK, steel has been used in commercial buildings for over 120 years. But very little has been used in home construction.


That’s where Newton Steel Framing comes in. We use light gauge steel for everything, from garden rooms, to homes, to commercial projects.


Newton Steel


No measuring.

No cutting.

Just screw & bolt.

Putting up Newton Steel Framing is so easy you don't need skilled labour. All you do need is an impact driver, spanner and spirit level. Chances are, most of you will have these in your garage already. Holes are pre-drilled and all screws and bolts are supplied. The rest is easy.