Newton Steel Framing.

Building a

better home.

And planet.


There are many reasons to choose a steel frame. Here are just a few.


Steel frames can withstand strong winds and floods.


Steel has total uniform quality so it makes for straight walls and consistent performance. It won't rot, decay, or absorb moisture. It doesn't swell, shrink or warp.


And also unlike wood for example, there is virtually no wastage. What tiny amount there is (less than 1%), is recycled.


Steel is the strongest readily-available construction material and the best value around.


Steel frames are faster to put up than timber or masonry. Much faster.


And you don’t have to wait for a steel frame to settle. As soon as it’s up, the building work can continue.






Since the early 1990s, the steel industry has dramatically reduced the amount of energy needed to produce steel.


More than 95% of the water used in steel making is recycled and returned. Every piece of steel used in construction can be recycled, again and again.


Here’s an interesting number. Of all the waste from a home framed with steel, less than 1% of steel is left over and it can be recycled. Compare that to the same home framed with wood which produces 20% waste and then sent to a landfill or burned.


It takes between 25 and 50 trees to build a home framed with wood. All those trees will be saved and can continue to reduce CO2 levels reducing the rate of global warming.


Steel is recognised in all major green building standards. The BRE rates the majority of light steel frame construction as A+ which is the highest possible rating (ratings range from E to A+). The final rating depends on the cladding chosen.