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At Newton Steel Framing, we searched the world for the latest and best technology. We found it in New Zealand. And it really is quite remarkable.


When the plans of the building are ready, we input the details into state-of-the-art CAD software which takes architectural drawings and creates a 3D framing design. The software does the rest. It exports to the framing machine which produces the building components. Each piece is manufacturered to a precise measurement, holes are punched where needed and then printed with unique identification codes.


It’s fast, quiet, accurate and easy to put together. How fast?


Newton typically takes under 24 hours from starting manufacturing of a house to producing assembled panels ready to leave the factory. One day.


In fact, we can go from initial enquiry through CAD frame design, manufacturing, assembly and delivery in under 7 days. And only we can.





Surprisingly, Newton Steel Framing is competitive with the cheapest providers of timber frames and masonry construction. We aim to provide a rectangular two storey house, with external walls, pitched roof, first floor joists and all internal walls for £10 per square foot. A similar price per square foot applies for 3 storey buildings, with 4 and 5 storey buildings increasing to around £15 per square foot due to the additional structural loading necessitating more steel usage.


Clearly very complex building shapes will come at a premium, as do buildings over 5 storeys, but we try to keep this to a minimum.


Our straightforward pricing allows you to estimate this part of your project with accuracy and simplicity. More importantly, it demonstrates our commitment to transparency, and because we know our pricing and cost structure intimately it means quotes are prepared in hours rather than days or weeks. Newton is committed to providing quotes for projects under 10,000 square feet within 24 hours of enquiry.



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As you know, steel is an excellent conductor of heat which has led to problems in the past.

Current building regulations require high insulation values to be provided for new builds. This insulation should be placed outside and within the steel frame and will minimise heat loss.


Newton Steel Framing is able to create a wall with a U-Value of 0.14W/m2K using 100mm mineral wool insulation between the studs, 100mm PIR board and render externally. This results in a built depth of 260mm, compared to 480mm for masonry, a reduction of 220 mm.


Thinner walls lead to more internal space for a given external area. This can be quite significant particularly for average sized and smaller properties, each of the four walls takes space, across a detached house with a 100 square metre gross external area, a 480mm wall results in a gross internal area of 74.7 square metres, whilst a 260mm wall yields 85.8 square metres – that’s more than 15% extra space for free.


Alternatively on larger sites a slimmer external wall will result in the same internal space with the potential for more plots on a site. On the same basis nearly 13% more land is used to build houses of the same gross internal area when masonry construction is chosen. This can transform the economics of your site. Unlike most in this industry we don’t try to take advantage of this by charging you extra. It comes for free with the frame.