Newton Steel Framing was built by us, Richard and Nathan. We both have a wealth of experience in the construction industry and are frustrated with just how unnecessarily slow, expensive and uncertain it can be. So we set out to change that.


Light gauge steel frames were the perfect place to start. And when we were told that small production runs were not possible, that made us more determined. We searched the world for a solution and found it in New Zealand.


We now have the latest technology to build the simplest, strongest, most advanced building frames.


While things are changing in construction, we believe they could change faster, and for the better. There is no other industry where ongoing real terms cost inflation is seen as normal or acceptable.


Newton Steel Framing is bringing precision engineering to buildings, making frames that are so easy to put up, you don’t need to rely on a limited pool of skilled people. So you save money and time. Something you don’t often hear in the building trade.


Our technology is so advanced, we can design and build a home to your very own personal needs and ideas. And our solutions are accepted by NHBC, other warranty providers and most mortgage lenders.


Oh yes, to put your mind at ease, our steel is all sourced from the UK and has a design life of over 250 years according to the Steel Construction Institute. You'll find the information here:











This is based on “conservative assumptions”. Their words not ours.


Generally, accepted practice in the UK is a design life of over 60 years. Clearly 60 years is barely enough and we should be aiming for much longer. Increased durability preserves value in buildings as they age and to reduce the natural and financial resources required for replacement or repair as buildings age.


With the massive need for homes throughout the UK, using Newton Steel Framing is one way to build more homes faster. And have them last longer.

We created Newton Steel Framing because we saw a real need to bring what’s happening in commercial building to the home owner. Even if it’s a garage or garden room you need, we believe it should still be made the best way possible.


Whatever your needs are, whatever form you want your home or structure to take, we’re here to make it happen using the easiest, worry-free, most cost-effective method.


Our purpose is to shape a better living for you because we believe technology does so much more than build a frame. It surrounds the lives that are built inside it.