Newton Steel Framing is bringing precision engineering to buildings, making frames that are so easy to put up, you don’t need to rely on a limited pool of skilled people. So you save money and time. Something you don’t often hear in the building trade.


Our technology is so advanced, we can design and build a home to your very own personal needs and ideas. And our solutions are accepted by NHBC, other warranty providers and most mortgage lenders.


Oh yes, to put your mind at ease, our steel is all sourced from the UK and has a design life of over 250 years according to the Steel Construction Institute. You'll find the information here:










This is based on “conservative assumptions”. Their words not ours.


Generally, accepted practice in the UK is a design life of over 60 years. Clearly 60 years is barely enough and we should be aiming for much longer. Increased durability preserves value in buildings as they age and to reduce the natural and financial resources required for replacement or repair as buildings age.


With the massive need for homes throughout the UK, using Newton Steel Framing is one way to build more homes faster. And have them last longer.